• June 15, 2024

They Asked Trump About Taking On DeSantis, And His Reply Was…

Former President Donald Trump told The New Yorker in an interview published Monday that he believes he can defeat Florida Governor Ron DeSantis in a prospective 2024 election.

“I don’t know if Ron is running, and I don’t ask him,” Trump said. “It’s his prerogative. I think I would win.”

While either Trump or DeSantis has announced a 2024 run, the 76-year-old former president told The New Yorker that he was “very close to making a decision” on running again.

In a straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Orlando in February, attendees chose former President Donald Trump as their pick for the Republican presidential candidacy in 2024, with 59 percent of respondents choosing Trump. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis won 28 percent of the straw poll, which had 2,574 participants, despite trailing Trump by more than 30 points.

However, early this month DeSantis narrowly beat Trump, in the latest poll DeSantis won 71% of the vote to the former president’s 67% in the straw poll, during the Western Conservative Summit in Colorado.

DeSantis also won the straw poll last year.

According to a consultant who has worked for many Republican candidates claims that Trump has discussed strategies to defeat DeSantis with aides.

“Trump World is working overtime to find ways to burn DeSantis down,” the political insider said.

“They really hate him.”

Trump, on the other hand, told The New Yorker that he and DeSantis had a “very good relationship” adding, “I’m proud of Ron.”

Others said it’s unlikely the governor will back down from a fight, given his swelling popularity, however, DeSantis has not ruled out a presidential bid but has insisted that he is focused on his reelection campaign this year.

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