• June 12, 2024

Ted Cruz Took A Woke Loudmouth And Ripped Them To Pieces!

We have never seen this kind of takedown with liberals for quite a while now. Just watching how Senator Ted Cruz crippled this “woke” leftist student is more than rewarding.

‘Verdict with Ted Cruz,’ a podcast and show hosted by Sen.Ted Cruz has begun its college campus, kicking off at Yale University where Cruz and his co-host Michael Knowles took on “the belly of the leftist beast.”

Cruz visit the campus on April 11 to record an episode of Verdict after an invite by the school’s William F. Buckley Jr. program in partnership with Young America’s Foundation’s Irving Brown Lecture Series.

Cruz’s assumptions about the audience he would face at Yale were not an exaggeration, as he faced protests against his visit and was bombarded with questions from woke, leftist students who decided to join the audience in an attempt to disrupt his event.

Then, one attendee, in particular, was so bold as to accuse Cruz of racism, to which he gave a fantastic response that left the woke student without much of a response.

We dig some public information about this woke student, and we found out that Maia Cook is a first-year Yale student pursuing a degree in Pre-Law Studies – per her LinkedIn profile – she stood up to ask Cruz about his questioning of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Cruz shredded her “racist” nonsense from every angle, pointing out that the term “racist” is not applicable to Jackson simply being asked questions on her record as a judge, and he reminded the young girl that as a Senator, it was actually his duty to ask those questions.

According to Wayne Dupree, Cruz then launched into the actual racist move from Joe Biden and other Dems to filibuster and block Janice Rogers Brown.

Back in 2003, Judge Janice Rogers Brown was nominated to serve on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

As a Senator, Joe Biden filibustered her nomination. Not once, but twice.

After a two-year fight she was approved in 2005, and was hailed as a potential Supreme Court nominee following Justice Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement.

However, Biden warned President George W. Bush that if he nominated the first black woman to serve on the Supreme Court, he would filibuster and kill her nomination.

Wayne Dupree commented further:

Ted also correctly pointed out that the left throws around the word “racist” too lightly, and they use it as a political talking point and nothing more.

The student stood there practically dumbfounded as Cruz eloquently, but powerfully hacked away at every inch of her “racist” argument.

What’s really shocking here is that this girl might graduate from Yale and become a prominent lawyer, judge, or district attorney, and yet she’s asking dopey questions like this.

You can watch the video below:

Well, folks online were also gobsmacked by the stupidity of this question:

“This is what happens when you watch FAKE NEWS. You become delusional and disconnected from reality”

“The only thing I am curious about after watching this is what exactly was it that she thought was racist in his questioning of the judge.”

“The fact that law students, who are supposed to be trained to be objective and fair, act like this tells me a lot about the way they are being taught. These kids are going to have to defend a murderer some day. Their opinions don’t matter.”

“The youth is lost – indoctrination.”

“Liberal law students = law based on emotion / feelings; Conservative law students = law based on Constitution / fact. This country is in serious trouble if we continue to allow high-brow law schools to graduate liberal indoctrinated law students”

“Watching her, the question etc makes me think America will be invaded and overtaken quietly in about 10 years…..should take the better part of a weekend”

Seeing this kind of woke law student trying to twist every story just to insert their radical ideas makes me sick. If she becomes a lawyer in the future which I hope not because we’re absolutely doomed if it happens.

We only hope that Ted Cruz visits every liberal law school in this country and delivers this same speech… sadly, that might be the only hope we have left at this point.

Source: WayneDupree

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