• June 21, 2024

The Doctor Told Him He Had Been In A Coma For A Decade, And Then Dropped One More Bombshell On Him… [VIDEO]

I have heard stories of people that have been in comas for weeks, months, and even years that when they find out how long they have been out they simply don’t believe it. They simply think that they have only been out of it for an hour or two.

In an audacious attempt to curb a man’s dangerous habit, a notorious drunk driver wakes up in an all-too-realistic hospital room, greeted by the shocking news of a decade-long coma.

Tom Mabe, a YouTube prankster, took it upon himself to intervene when his friend, Ray, received his fifth DUI, realizing that drastic measures were necessary, reports Little Things. As Ray lost consciousness from excessive drinking, his friends seized the opportunity to transport him to a space designed to resemble a hospital room.

Upon waking, Ray was greeted by actors dressed as medical professionals, who informed him that he had been in a coma for ten years. “You were drunk driving and there was an accident. You’ve been with us for quite some time. This actually took place in the year 2013,” explained the actor in a doctor’s outfit. “It is now 2023. You’ve been in a coma for the past 10 years.”

Visibly concerned, Ray immediately inquired about his daughter’s well-being. The actor assured him that she was on her way and encouraged him to relax while another professional was fetched to aid in his transition back to everyday life.

To enhance the prank’s believability, Ray’s friends even created a faux TV news report with amusing updates, such as Justin Bieber marrying his gay partner. As Ray watched the news with a shocked expression, it was clear the ruse had worked. However, his emotions didn’t fully surface until the prank was unveiled.

Upon learning the truth, Ray engaged in laughter and play-wrestling with his friends, visibly relieved that it was all just a joke. Tom Mabe uploaded the video of the incident to YouTube in 2013, and it has since gone viral, with many viewers finding it both entertaining and ingenious.

However, some have expressed that the prank should have ended on a more serious note to drive the message home.

Pamela Perry commented on Little Things’ Facebook page, “My first thought was to tell him that his daughter didn’t make it and he could feel what other families go through due to drunk drivers taking their family members. Taking it over the top may have been just what he needed… not ending this prank with fun and laughter and a slap happy party… He needs to know what is real about it all.”

WATCH the video below for more details:

Source: Opposingviews

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