• July 23, 2024

The Man That Built Their Home LEVELED IT After They Refused To…

A homeowner’s dream turns into a nightmare as a disagreement over payment escalates, resulting in a demolished home and a battle over who’s responsible.

An irate builder went on a rampage, demolishing a half-million-dollar home after a disagreement over payment arose while the owner vacationed. The dispute, over a mere five thousand dollars for eco-friendly upgrades, left the house roofless and the lawn covered in debris. The owner, located in Stoneygate, Leicester, in the United Kingdom, reported the incident to the police. However, they deemed it a civil matter, not a crime.

Kay Jurji, the 40-year-old homeowner, asserts that the fallout with the builder was over just thirty-five hundred British pounds of the bill.

He said, “I bought the house last year. The builder started in February, and we wanted lots of work done so it could become our family home for six of us.” Jurji wanted numerous renovations, including a two-story extension, a new roof, wiring, and eco-friendly features. He laments, “It’s a nightmare. Unfortunately, I picked the worst builder.”

When the builder destroyed the home, Jurji sought help from the police, who declined involvement, advising him to take the matter to Trading Standards instead. Jurji was shocked by the builder’s actions, which included using a digger to cause significant damage to the property. Neighbors watched in disbelief as the builder exacted his revenge over the unpaid portion of the bill.

One neighbor sympathized with Jurji, saying, “I feel bad for the owners. They must be absolutely gutted.” The owner was away when the builder attacked his property, adding, “I had gone on holiday and was 200 miles away when it all happened on Tuesday. I’ve contacted the police, who said it was a dispute and not a criminal case, and I’ve emailed Trading Standards. I’m still on holiday, so it’s difficult to sort out from here.”

A neighbor informed LeicestershireLive that the builder didn’t merely damage Jurji’s home but left the entire street in disarray as well. “The work had been going on, and there was scaffolding up, and it all had planning permission. Then people noticed the builders starting to remove things and demolish the work that had been done.”

The builder’s destructive actions serve as a stark reminder of the importance of carefully selecting contractors and resolving disputes amicably. In this case, the disagreement over a relatively small sum led to a much larger loss for the homeowner and the builder’s reputation.

Source: AWM

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