• June 22, 2024

The Number Of Fully Vaccinated People That DIED Suddenly Has Gotten Even Worse!

Here is a hypothetical dialogue between a person who has been vaccinated for COVID and someone who has not. Let’s see how this plays out:

Random person: Have you been vaccinated?

Me: Yes.

Random person: Have you been vaccinated or COVID?

Me: No.

Random person: Why not?

Me: I’ve already had COVID.

Random person: You can still get it again.

Me: I will take my chances. You can still get the flu after you have been vaccinated as well.

Random person: Yeah, but you can’t die from the flu.

Me: Up to 61,000 people die every year of the flu and is the #9 cause of death in America. People only forget about the flu when the COVID pandemic is in America.

Random person: You must be a Trump supporter.

Unless you are living on a private island somewhere or way off in the boondocks off the grid somewhere, then chances are you’ve had a conversation such as this one with a close acquaintance or even a perfect stranger. COVID shot shaming is something that is all the rage nowadays, but the fact remains that deciding to get the COVID shot is a personal choice. On the other hand, when it comes to taking the life of a baby growing inside of your body, these same people will have the rallying cry “my body, my choice.” You can be a feminazi all day long when it comes to abortion rights, but these same people are calling for a COVID passport.

So, just what is the science behind the COVID jab? Is it possible that a fully vaccinated person can still get COVID? According to a recent report by NBC-5 in Chicago, state health officials are pointing out that over 150 fully vaccinated people have died, and as many as 600 fully vaccinated people have become sick enough to be hospitalized in “breakthrough” cases.

According to data uploaded last Wednesday by the Illinois Department of Public Health, 159 people in Illinois have died due to COVID-19 complications after being fully vaccinated. That figure equals out to at least 2.3% of the COVID-19 deaths in the Land of Lincoln since January, according to these officials.

The Illinois Surgeon General has termed these breakthrough cases as nothing more than a “unicorn” and she again urged those who have not yet gotten fully vaccinated to do so. “These vaccines continue to be truly effective,” IDPH Director Dr. Ngozi Ezike said. “You know, everyone has heard of a case or two of someone who had a breakthrough infection or a breakthrough hospitalization, but it is, that is so far the unicorn, that you need to focus on the people who are not vaccinated, they’re the ones filling up the hospital as COVID patients.”

We’re not downplaying the significance of the Wuhan Virus by any means. Yes, it is clearly a serious virus and it has caused millions of deaths and some serious illnesses. If you are a person with a comorbidity you probably should seriously consider taking the jab, but healthy Americans who have tested positive for COVID but only exhibit mild symptoms that are only similar to the flu may want to fully investigate the shot before they run the risk of an adverse reaction to it. The beauty of living in America (at least up until this point) is that we still have the freedom to place what we want into our bodies.

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