• April 20, 2024

They Just Found Eight Million More Votes That Were NOT Counted!

We all knew that the summer would be hot but August is beginning to look like a scorcher and I am not talking about the actual heat.

Since the audit into the highly contested presidential election last year, there has been so much evidence emerging showing the insane amount of fraud that took place.

Of course, the mainstream media continues to bury it by calling anyone who questions that Biden won 81 million votes conspiracy theorists that need to be deprogrammed, but numbers are facts, and facts do not lie.

Now there is the latest scoop that has been revealed from U.S. Army Captain Seth Keshel.

Not only is Keshel a retired army intelligence captain but he is also an elections data expert, and after months of investigating the final vote counts in ALL 50 states, he has been able to determine that there are 8.1 million EXCESS votes.

8.1 million!

Ok, that is where you might just stop reading this and say that’s all, but there is even more.

Keshel isn’t simply saying that there were only 8.1 million fraudulent votes, but what he is ACTUALLY saying is that there are 8.1 million more votes than there should be.

That number does NOT include any vote flipping, stealing, or suppression of Trump voters.

If this is true…

Then it means that President Trump truly won in a landslide!

You can watch Keshel’s appearance on Bannon’s War Room through Rumble:


You can find more from Keshel on his Telegram:

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