• June 13, 2024

The Reason She Has Her Ex Boyfriend’s Name Tattooed On Her Face Will….

A young woman was left permanently disfigured after her ex-boyfriend allegedly kidnapped her and had his name tattooed on her face after she left him.

Tayane Caldas, an 18-year-old woman from the southern Brazilian state of São Paulo was on her way to school last Friday when she was approached by her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Coelho, who forced her to get into this car which was being driven by his father, Jose Coelho.

The woman got into the vehicle and was taken to her ex’s home in the municipality of Taubate. There, the 20-year-old Coelho tattooed his name on the right side of the girl’s face.

The following day, Tayane’s mother filed a missing person report with the local police and managed to track down the Coelho residence. Her mother then took her home and encouraged her to lodge a complaint against the abusive ex-boyfriend.

Coelho was taken into custody on Saturday, despite his father backing up the claim that Tayane was happy to let him tattoo his whole name on her face.

Right after Tayane Caldas’ lawyer shared her incident online, a number of Brazilian influencers and tattoo removal shops joined forces to help her. The 18-year-old reportedly attended her first laser removal session Wednesday in an attempt to erase the tattoo from her face. She is allegedly trying to remove the other two tattoos of Coelho’s name from her body as well.

The two started dating in 2019, and at first, everything was going well. About a year after the beginning of the relationship, Coelho, a tattoo artist, started having fits of jealousy and attacking the young woman, at which time her mother convinced her to leave him.

The two broke up for eight months and got back together after he promised he wouldn’t hit her anymore. He broke his promise, and this time Tayane’s asked for a restraining order.

The girl’s parents also tried sending her to Sao Paulo for a few months, but as soon as she return to Taubate, her ex started threatening her again.

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Source: AWM

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