• July 24, 2024

The Shirt She Made Her Son Wear To School Is Absolutely Brilliant…

Many of us are familiar with the phrase, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me.” But whoever came up with that saying was dead wrong. Because our words have tremendous power.

Our words can be used as weapons. This becomes abundantly clear after reading the thousands of heartbreaking stories out there about those impacted by bullying.

So, when Texas mom Star got word that her fifth-grade son had begun picking on some of his classmates, she knew she had to do something.

A Texas mother is right on track to win parent of the year after she gave her son a lesson he will never forget. The mother stated her fifth-grade son was calling other boys “idiots” and “stupid. To keep her son from going down the wrong path, she forced him to wear a t-shirt to Greenleaf Elementary that read, “I am a bully.”

“He was calling other boys stupid (and) calling them idiots,” the Texas mom, Star, who asked that she be identified by her first name only, told KTRK-TV. “I’m a very old-school parent. I don’t coddle my children. I don’t sugarcoat the world to them.”

Not only that, but she posted pictures of him wearing this same shirt on Facebook. She says that she did not do this with the intention of embarrassing her son. “I posted it to reach out to the parents of any of the kids my son may have bullied so that each one of them could get a personal apology.”

There have been mixed opinions about whether having her son wear this shirt to school and posting it on Facebook was a good idea or not, but Star says the guidance counselor at Greenleaf Elementary supports her decision.

No matter the controversy, Star says, “He’ll survive. And he’s already been treating his sisters better. He’s already been treating his cousins better. He learned from it. That’s all that matters.”

Watch the video below for more details about this story:

Source: AWM

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