• June 22, 2024

These Are The Two People Who Are Truly In Control Of Biden!

The biggest question we’re all asking is, who manipulates Biden? We all know, in this administration he’s not in control, Biden is just a puppet.

His mental illness makes him more vulnerable, making him dancing puppetry, and Dems are fully aware of this making Biden their best choice to run for the office.

After all his debacles, everything is going back to him. But we are missing one point here, it is pretty normal for a president to have many advisors but this old man seems to make things really complicated and acts like he is being controlled. Something is not right, I know you all feel that too…

We already witnessed how bad Joe reads the scripts given to him and how inaccurate it is at most times, now Laura Ingraham seems to point a very interesting tweet.

We all know how Laura has been criticizing President Biden as a weak leader who is not taken seriously, including by those in his own party.

In her previous statement, “President Biden may sit in the Oval Office today, but it’s worth remembering that for most of his political career, he’s been an unserious laughing stock. Up until 2020, his own party never took him seriously as a presidential candidate.”

She is absolutely right.

“The fact is, Biden is really a third-stringer, always has been. He’s the type of guy you trot out for fundraisers or speeches to the local Union Hall, not the person you actually put in charge at the White House.” She added.

On the other hand, Laura sees that President Biden is “flooding America” with a future political constituency and claiming he was doing so without regard to the wants and needs of the American citizens. How selfish, right?

We all deserve to know and God helps us to bring out more of Laura.

Source: Wayne Dupree

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