• June 21, 2024

They Found A Secret “Queer” Library At A School, And the Parents Are Absolutely Livid…

A California teacher who boasted about a “queer library” that contained sexually explicit content, including information on BDSM/kink and orgies, said the books helped students “figure out who they are.”

Now, the non-binary teacher comes under fire from parents for sexually explicit content in many of the books shared access with students.

The teacher, who goes by Flint and uses they/them pronouns, recently posted a video in which they opened a box of new Pride flags while discussing their queer-centric library, which they say has helped students who are finding out who they are.

“People get really mad about my queer library. I have like two hundred titles that are specific to the LGBT community that I’ve been curating for over eight years,” the teacher says in the ninety-second video posted on TikTok.

“Don’t get me wrong, my students love that library. It has been very helpful for many students figuring out who they are, and how to relate to their peers,” they continued.

Flint posted repeatedly on TikTok about sexually explicit books, which the district was later forced to respond to amid parents’ outrage.

Flint has been giving young students access to controversial books that detail sex orgies and how to use dildos for maximum pleasure.

“There shouldn’t be porn allowed in classrooms,” said David Averell, a parent in the district who spoke with Fox News Digital. “What was in the classroom pretty much made me sick.”

Flint said in a video that they have amassed a collection of more than 200 queer novels and books over eight years or so.  The library is set up in the English and film teacher’s classroom and the books are free and available to all, despite previous claims made by Capistrano Unified School District officials.

In the past, district officials have stated that students could only borrow books for a specific extracurricular activity.

One of the books in the transgender teacher’s library is called “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being Trans” and it contains references to BDSM, including a mention of FetLife, a networking website for the ‘kinky community’.

‘”I think the BDSM/kink community is extremely open and welcoming in every way; it is a place of sexual liberation”, the book says.

“There is often a more general level of acceptance of transgender people within kink/BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism) scenes and sites like FetLife.”

Another book called “This Book is Gay” discusses the casual hookup site “Grindr” and includes detailed information on how to have anal and “girl on girl” sex.

“We all want to have sex with loads of people,” the book states. “[T]he prostate gland… feels amazing when massaged. Lots of men, gay or straight, like how this feels.”

According to AWM, students as young as fourteen years old allegedly have access to this teacher’s queer classroom library and are able to read materials contained within the books.

In a letter to parents and families, the district stated that it is looking into the classroom texts in Flint and examining their “appropriateness.”

“We are aware of a news article questioning the appropriateness of books that were in a student club library,” the district said in the note, obtained by Fox News. “The books referenced were available through a high school extra-curricular club and are not instructional materials.” “However, we have initiated a review of these books, which are currently not available to students,” the letter said.

Additionally, the district stated that it does not “endorse the personal statements of any individuals speaking in their capacity as private citizens.”

Watch the video below for more details:

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Source: AWM, Daily Mail

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