• July 24, 2024

This Grandfather Just Devised A Brilliant Way To Scare Off Telemarketers…

No matter if you are young or old, I am sure you are a fan of the iconic Disney characters, among which is Donald Duck. And yes, the first thing that comes to your mind when listening to this name is probably the blue sailor shirt with a red bow tie and cap, as well as his distinctive voice which is hard to imitate.

Well, a man that goes by the name Donald Sizemore is probably the best imitator of this famous duck’s voice and we can see that from the video below, which we all have to agree is beyond hilarious.

On other hand, Telemarketers unintentionally annoy people at home by suddenly ringing the phone. Because suddenly hanging up the phone on them seems rude, Sizemore thought of a way of dealing with annoying telemarketers – talking to them in Donald Duck’s voice.

Sizemore has been doing this for more than 70 years now. He’s already mastered mimicking the Disney character’s voice and it’s got a way of annoying many telemarketers.

When the telemarketer decided she didn’t have time to talk to a Disney character right then, she immediately hung up the phone.

His wife, Gayle, video-recorded an instance where Donald talks to a telemarketer in his Donald Duck voice, and it’s shared by their children across social media.

The couple told the story of how Donald sang “I love you truly” in Donald Duck’s voice on their 50th anniversary. One commenter said, “This is true love. A wife filming her husband doing something weird.”

People on the internet commend the old man’s professionalism while doing the duck’s voice. It just shows how he’s perfectly mastered the act by doing it repeatedly over the years.

Watch how an old man made a telemarketer hang up the phone when he talked to her in Donald Duck’s voice in the video below.

Source: AWM

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