• June 19, 2024

This is How Texas Handles Democrats Staging A Walk-Out Of Their Jobs

Texas appears to be handling problems the way the entire country and current President Biden cannot. Texas is taking issues into their own hands and asserting themselves to get better results. This all seems to start with the work of Governor Abbott.

The latest issue comes from the coward Democrats within the Texas Government. Abbott has been very proactive lately with such issues as Border Control, COVID-19 response, and critical race theory. He has achieved a lot of success which I think has the Democrats very bothered.

The latest comes after the Democrats staged a walk-out to block legislation. This story from the DailyWire

“Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) vetoed funding for the state legislature on Friday, carrying out the threat he made last month after Democrats staged a walk-out to block legislation.

Democrats in the Texas House walked off the floor of the House chamber last month, breaking quorum and stopping Republicans from passing election reforms, as well as a bail reform legislation that Abbott in particular wanted, according to The Texas Tribune. After the walk-out, Abbott vowed to defund the legislative branch for “abandon[ing] their responsibilities.”

Abbott vetoed Article 10 of the state budget approved by the legislature Friday. Article 10 not only funds lawmakers’ salaries, but also the salaries of staff and maintenance workers, and it funds legislative agencies such as the Legislative Reference Library.”

I think this quote from Governor Abbott sums up the issue at hand:

“This session we passed legislation to: secure our border, support our police, expand 2A rights, defend religious liberty, protect life,” he continued. “It was one of the most conservative sessions our state has ever seen. But, there’s more we must do to ensure a brighter future for Texas. Election integrity & bail reform were must-pass emergency items. I expect legislators to work out their differences before special session.”

Texas is taking care of business. Democrats want to stop that from happening, but Governor Abbott is not going to let that happen.

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