• July 13, 2024

Top Democrat Hit With Sexual Assault Allegations By Former Aides…

Allegations of sexual harassment and creating a toxic work environment have been levied against a Democratic New York Assemblyman by his former top aide, which could have serious consequences for his political future and party.

Patrick B. Burke has found himself at the center of a scandal as his former top aide, Nicole Golias, has accused him of sexual harassment and fostering a toxic work environment. The Buffalo News reported that Golias, who served as legislative director for Burke, alleges that he engaged in inappropriate conversations about genitalia and his son’s sexual experiences with underage girls.

According to two other witnesses, Burke regularly made comments about women’s appearances, which they found distasteful. Golias claims that Burke was constantly striving to appear “cool and attractive,” but this resulted in behavior that was entirely improper.

Golias has accused the assemblyman of making “vulgar, crass, and sexually explicit comments” on a regular basis, making the work environment uncomfortable for his staff. She also alleges that Burke mentioned watching sexually explicit videos featuring his son and female partners on Snapchat. Burke, however, denies any wrongdoing.

Matthew T.H. Dearing, Burke’s former director of community relations, has corroborated Golias’ story, stating that he too witnessed some of the alleged behavior. Both Golias and Dearing are pursuing a wrongful termination lawsuit against Burke.

The Buffalo News report goes into further detail regarding the allegations against Burke. Golias claims that Burke referred to his teenage son’s sexual partners as “hot,” even after she informed him that they were minors. In response, Burke has admitted to discussing his son’s Snapchat account with staff but vehemently denies commenting on women’s bodies during those conversations or at any other time.

Golias and Dearing have also accused Burke of making inappropriate comments about the genitalia of a man Golias was dating and discussing an incident where a woman allegedly pressed her breasts against him at an event. Burke denies these claims as well.

In a related incident from March 2022, Golias recalls marching with Burke in the City of Buffalo St. Patrick’s Day Parade. When they encountered several of her friends, Golias alleges that Burke looked the women up and down in a suggestive manner, later expressing his interest in spending time with them outside of work. Burke, however, maintains that he never behaved in such a manner and insists that Golias has misinterpreted a harmless conversation.

If found to be true, these accusations could have severe implications for Burke’s political career and the Democratic Party as a whole.

Despite his denial of the allegations, the accounts provided by Golias and Dearing, as well as the other witnesses who have requested anonymity, paint a troubling picture of Burke’s behavior in the workplace. This scandal serves as a crucial reminder that all individuals, regardless of their political affiliations, must be held accountable for their actions, particularly when they hold positions of power.

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Sources: ConservativeBrief, BuffaloNews

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