• June 12, 2024

TRAGIC: 11yr Old Girl And Father KILLED By 82yr Old Neighbor…

After her 82-year-old neighbor became enraged, an 11-year-old girl was killed. The elderly neighbor shot the defenseless girl and her father to death in a fit of rage over a dispute.

A furious neighbor, Ronald Delserro, 82, opened fire on the family in their Port St. Lucie home; Killing Harper Hansman, 11, and Guy Alexander Hansman, her father, 55. The neighbor had been enraged over an argument involving his dog. It was reported that after an incident at the Hansmans’ house, Delserro was furious that his dog had been labeled aggressive.

Delserro’s bull mastiff allegedly mauled a woman inside the victims’ home months before the tragic gunshot. Delserro later received a citation for failing to securely enclose his pet behind a fence. The dog was deemed dangerous by the judge during a court hearing about it. Delserro returned home after the decision but quickly made up his mind to confront his neighbors. That same afternoon, he went to his Hansmans’ house, picked up a gun, and started shooting.

Delserro shot Guy Alexander Hansen to death and critically wounded Harper, his 11-year-old daughter, who had just called 911 and informed the police before she was shot.

Harper Hansman

At the time, Guy Alexander together with his wife and Harper were inside, along with the kids’ tutor and one of Harper’s friends. According to reports, Guy Alexander heard the shots, saw Ronald, and shouted about it, alerting his wife. Meanwhile, Harper and her friend were still left upstairs. Harper then called 911 to report the shooting from inside the house. Reports later stated that harper was able to distract Ronald enough for her friend to escape. But as Harper tried to run away, Ronald shot her from behind, killing her.

Guy Alexander Hansman and his daughter, Harper Hansman

Sheriff Ken Mascara of St. Lucie County recounted Harper’s terrifying 911 call saying, “If you heard this 911 call it would make the hairs on your neck stand up.”

“A little girl calls 911 and says, ‘There’s someone shooting in our house, I think our parents are dead. I think our family is dead.”

Even more terrifying, according to local contractor Ray Layfield, the wife of the shooter displayed a strange reaction when she was seen shortly after the shots were fired. She said, ‘I hope he didn’t do something stupid.’”

Police and Delserro, who was equipped with two pistols, engaged in gunfire after authorities raced to the residence. Before a SWAT team arrived, the gunman reportedly holed himself in the victims’ home for two hours.

“Our officers encountered the suspect inside the victim’s home. Our officers and a deputy, actually, who was working at the school across the street responded to the scene immediately and exchanged gunfire with the suspect,” Port St. Lucie Police Department Assistant Chief Richard Del Toro explained.

Hearing the call while conducting a safety inspection at a neighboring school, the sheriff’s deputy went across the street and engaged the suspect in gunfire. Sheriff Mascara stated that “Our deputy continued to engage him and actually took one of the victims out of the home.”

Sheriff Mascara claims that when authorities arrived on the scene, they discovered the 11-year-old girl, who was initially thought to be 13 years old, seriously injured and the adult male victim already dead in the garage. Although it wasn’t immediately obvious how he passed away, Ronald Delserro was found dead by the SWAT team in a bedroom on the second story of the house after the subsequent gunfight with police.

While detectives were still examining the scene, Delserro’s dog was picked up by Port St. Lucie Animal Control the following day, Calling the incident “shocking,” “tragic,” and “an intentional act of violence against these neighbors.” Del toro said, “The dog was declared dangerous. He owned the dog and he went over there to confront his neighbors and this is what happened.”

Del Toro continued, “You can’t rationalize irrational behavior.”

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