• July 23, 2024

When They Looked At This Abandoned Baby Their Jaws Hit The Floor…

Gabe Adams, a baby born without arms or legs, got a second chance after his mother rejected him. And it’s inspiring to see all he’s overcome!

Not every child is fortunate enough to have a supportive and caring family. Many children lose their parents at birth, while some are abandoned at a very young age. Such tragic incidents are likely to take a toll on kids’ emotional and mental well-being.

Gabe Adams-Wheatley’s life hit an all-time low when his parents abandoned him at birth. While his life could have easily ended at that very moment, the universe had far bigger plans for him.

Gabe was born in Sau paolo Brazil to a young mother who was devastated and awfully overwhelmed about having a limbless kid.

In fact, she was terrified and extremely disappointed that she abandoned little Gabe in an orphanage.

Even though his mother carried him peacefully in her womb for 9 months, and the ultrasound detected nothing, Gabe Adams was born with a rare medical condition called Hanhart Syndrome.

Fortunately, the word of a limbless child reached the United States and the state of Utah in a supermarket where a magazine wrote the story of a limbless abandoned kid in Brazil.

Janelle Adams, a mother of 13, immediately took interest in the story of Gabe. According to her, she immediately knew that she had to be his mom. However, Janelle and her husband did not raise Gabe Adams like he had a disability, instead, they treated him like every other kid and this greatly improved his instincts and independence.

You can comfortably say that the Adams family’s discipline and positivity contributed to the uniqueness of Gabe Adams.

Despite having a supportive family system, Gabe’s life was still full of struggles.

He not only experienced physical difficulties but also had to battle short-term memory loss and survive the hate and negative comments he received from people. Having no limbs made him easy prey for bullies in school.

His self-worth was diminished to the point that he even attempted suicide seven years ago. While his attempt failed, he said he didn’t know what he was capable of back then and has started to understand what he’s worth with the passage of time.

A major turning point in his life was when he realized his love and passion for dancing. His brilliant dance performance in the sixth-grade talent competition earned him a standing ovation.

In fact, according to AWM:

His dance teacher, Kim King, told People that he’s like other teenagers with “the same hopes, desires and dreams” and that “He’s articulate and mature and has never wanted to be seen as the boy with limitations.”

He explained in the Huffington Post piece what the thrill of his first time jumping off a diving board felt like, saying that the applause was “a sound that reminded me it was no ordinary task I had accomplished. It was the sound of gaining my independence.”

On the dance team, Gabe gives it his all, a skill he taught himself when he was 12-years-old. He can spin, flip, and even break dance.

Gabe identifies as non-binary and uses the pronouns he/him. He’s not only a mental health advocate and fantastic dancer but also a beauty and fashion influencer with a strong social media influence and 2 million followers on TikTok.

He shared his first TikTok video in 2018 and regularly posts video and pictorial content on both TikTok and Instagram. Through his social media presence, he aims to voice his thoughts and feelings and become the voice for people like him.

After nearly a year of joining TikTok, Gabe crossed paths with his now-husband on Tinder and shared that they both connected on a level that he’s never experienced before.

While netizens generally shower him with encouraging comments online, he says he’s grown accustomed to receiving backlash and hatred. Gabe’s life story is full of inspiration and determination, and he’s a living example for numerous people.

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Source: AWM

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