• April 14, 2024

When He Saw What Was In A Can Of Fruit He Called 911 In A Panic…

We all understand that food safety is of the utmost importance. We need to be able to trust that the food we consume hasn’t been tampered with in any way and that it’s safe for us and our families to eat.

Sadly, this trust was broken by one man in Perth who claims to have found a syringe inside a tin of peaches he had been eating for two weeks.

Dave McKell said that one morning, as he went to add the Gold Reef canned peaches to his Weet-Bix breakfast, he noticed what appeared to be a white item poking out of the syrup.

“I saw the top of it and thought ’what’s that white thing on the top and found the whole plunger sitting there,” he said.

He said he had been eating from the same can for two weeks. He claimed that they were obtained from the north of Perth’s Greenwood Village Coles shop.

The product’s label also noted that it was made in South Africa with components from the country. The 825g tin costs $3 at Coles locations all around the country.

McKell claimed he immediately informed Coles workers but encountered opposition.

“I’d like to see it get off the shelves for starters,” he said.

According to McKell, the staff wanted to take the can as proof of the allegation and asked him to fill out an incident report. He would not, however, hand over the can.

“I’m a bit turned off by peaches now. I might go pears,’” he added.

He has since undergone blood tests to ensure he hasn’t contracted any illness from potential contact with the syringe contents.

In response, a Coles spokesman said that such an incident has never happened before with this supplier, and apologized to McKell for his experience.

The representative said: “We’re taking this matter very seriously and will be investigating with our supplier.”

Even though this story is upsetting, it does serve as a crucial reminder that we should all be cautious about the food we eat, whether we bought it ourselves or someone else prepared it for us (such as in a restaurant).

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