• June 13, 2024

Where Biden Went Out To Dinner At May Be The Most Accurate Way To Describe His Presidency!

It seems everything Joe Biden does turns into a disaster, not to mention the man-made catastrophe he brought to America, this guy is always in the headlines and become a laughing stock in social media.

It’s like we’re watching a comedy show live from the Whitehouse because everything about him is a total joke.

Joe Biden’s political legacy keeps unfolding and people often describe it as a Titanic presidency. Sinking in other words.

He is finessing his disastrous personality and decision-making that even his handles fail to pick the right restaurant for these old geezers to dine in.

The president was spotted at Nantucket, dining in at a restaurant called ‘The Sunken Ship’ and such a perfect catalog of his presidency.

Jack Posobiec retweeted this on his account:

Netizens are enjoying the moment with their reactions:

“It’s fitting.”

“A perfect metaphor for his presidency”

“Funny that’s what Biden is trying to do to this country…. sink the ship”

“Stolen elections have shitty consequences”

These are just a few of reactions but certainly, they are all on one point of view which is to describe how Biden unintentionally puts himself to become a punchline of his joke-ridden presidency and it’s perfectly fitting that he’d shuffle into a joint called “The Sunken Ship” to eat, while the country and his approval ratings sink into the abyss.

BINGHAMTON NEWS also reported:

Biden spent more than an hour walking around downtown Nantucket’s cobblestone streets, popping unannounced into quaint mom-and-pop shops, appearing to make purchases, and posing for photos with surprised business owners.

He was accompanied by some of his grandchildren. Biden and his entire family are spending the Thanksgiving holiday on the Massachusetts island, renting a sprawling compound that belongs to his friend and billionaire philanthropist David Rubenstein.

Biden is busy enjoying his life amidst a new Covid variant surge. Ignoring problems is never a new problem with Biden as he previously took a vacation even when Afghanistan fell and not to mention the border crisis that until now is getting worse.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, BINGHAMTON

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