• June 21, 2024

WHOA: Comedian Confesses To Telling Malia Obama To “Shut Her F*****G Mouth” [VIDEO]

A comedian finds himself in a verbal tug-of-war with two disruptive audience members, one of whom held a surprising secret identity.

At a Massachusetts comedy gig where comedian Pete Holmes found himself reprimanding two of his audience members for their ill manners. Unbeknownst to him, one of them turned out to be none other than Malia Obama, the former first daughter. A compelling account of his unusual run-in with Obama was shared by Holmes himself during his guest appearance on the popular talk show “Conan.”

New York-based comic, Pete Holmes, was headlining a standup performance at the Comedy Studio in Somerville, not far from Harvard University – Malia’s current alma mater. As he observed the show from backstage, awaiting his turn, he noticed two young and attractive women disrupting the performance from their front-row seats. “These two were whispering all through the show. It was worse than heckling,” remarked Holmes, describing the situation as a real-life “Black Mirror” episode.

Failing to recognize one of the disruptors as the daughter of former President Barack Obama, Holmes took matters into his own hands. He was driven by a resolve that might’ve been dampened had he known about Malia’s identity and the possible presence of Secret Service agents. As he stepped onto the stage, he noticed that the chatter from the front-row pair persisted, much to his consternation.

The spotlight, illuminating the pair as brightly as him, did little to discourage the incessant whispering. An exasperated Holmes took it upon himself to restore order. Recounting the incident, he said, “They were whispering and giggling, and I was just like, ‘What’s going on? I can see you. Please stop.'” His polite plea, however, fell on deaf ears.

Malia and her companion seemed unfazed by the comedian’s request, prompting a shift in his approach. As Holmes felt his patience running thin, he adopted a gruffer tone. “Then I get a little more like, ‘Shut up. Look at my face. I’m here to help,'” Holmes confessed, admitting that even a man as jovial as him could be pushed to his limits. “But you know, you push Petey too far. I’m like, ‘Please, shut the f*** up.'”

Feeling his admonishment wasn’t enough, Holmes decided to follow it up with a playful prank aimed at instigating laughter from the crowd. He draped the front-row whisperers under a curtain, exclaiming, “‘I don’t care. Enjoy the show however you want. I just don’t want to see you.'” Expecting a burst of laughter from his audience, Holmes was met with a starkly different reaction. “I thought this would get a big laugh. Nothing. The whole audience turns on me,” he revealed.

The audience’s unexpected reaction left Holmes in a state of bafflement until the mystery was unveiled post-show. To his surprise, he discovered that the individual he’d just scolded and pranked was Malia Obama, the elder daughter of Barack Obama.

“After the show, I find out it was Obama’s daughter. It was Malia! And her hot friend!” exclaimed an incredulous Holmes, while offering an amusing critique, “She looked great. Terrible comedy audience. That’s a true story.”

WATCH the video below:

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