• June 16, 2024

WHOA: Nutso Nikki Haley Accusing Donald Trump Of Election Interference… [VIDEO]

Ah, Nevada, the land of dazzling lights, jingling slot machines, and, of course, political rigging. You see, it’s not just the games in the casinos that are “rigged”; apparently, even the caucuses and primaries have joined the rigged party.

Enter Nikki Haley, the GOP presidential candidate, and her band of supporters, who, in the spirit of true political enthusiasts, discovered not one but two instances of rigging in the Silver State. First on their list? The state caucuses, those delegate-awarding gatherings that some believed leaned a bit too much toward the Republican juggernaut, Donald Trump.

Fearing foul play, Haley decided to grace the symbolic state-mandated primary with her presence. No delegates were at stake, but hey, at least it wouldn’t be “rigged,” right? Wrong. She ended up losing to a formidable opponent – none other than the notorious “none of these candidates” box. How’s that for a plot twist?

Let’s rewind this intricate tale. In 2021, Democratic legislators decided to shake things up by swapping caucuses for primaries. A move, one might assume, inspired by Bernie Sanders’ surprising caucus victories in 2020. But hold on, the GOP insisted on keeping caucuses, citing issues with the vote-by-mail process. Confused yet? You’re not alone.

Haley, avoiding the seemingly rigged caucuses, plunged into the primary. Lo and behold, her supporters declared, “the process has been rigged for Trump.” Talk about a rigged inception.

In the symbolic primary face-off against “none of these candidates,” Haley suffered a setback, prompting cries of foul play. “We always knew Nevada was a scam. Trump had it rigged from the very beginning,” exclaimed Haley on Fox Business.

But wait, there’s more! In an interview with KTTV-TV in Los Angeles, Haley delved into the intricacies of the alleged rigging, claiming Trump orchestrated a caucus creation by an indicted GOP chairman. According to her, they knew months ago that Nevada was a lost cause, dismissing it as unworthy of a day or a dollar.

As the narrative unfolded, former Fox News producer Kyle Becker dismissed it as the rantings of “an election denier.” And rightly so. Trump had already advised his supporters that the primary was essentially pointless compared to the all-important caucus vote.

So, despite the setbacks in Nevada, Haley’s campaign maintained an unwavering optimism, reminiscent of a Monty Python tune. In the face of electoral death, they continued to look on the bright side. Third place in Iowa? Great! A loss by 11 points in New Hampshire? No worries, South Carolina was on the horizon.

As the melodious tune goes, “Always look on the bright side of life,” yet, in the unforgiving arena of politics, the reality remains unyielding. Donald Trump stands unbeaten in the primaries, leaving Haley’s campaign navigating through a sea of rigged accusations – a reality check that even a bright tune can’t drown out.

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