• July 23, 2024

Why She Killed And Cooked the Family Pet Is Absolutely Ghoulish….

In a fierce debate over family values and safety, one mother’s controversial decision to protect her child from a dangerous pet has left many questioning the boundaries of parental responsibility.

Parenting often involves making difficult decisions, and this mother’s choice to kill and cook her pet rooster after it attacked her daughter’s face has sparked a heated debate.

Some argue that Magan Schmidt‘s actions were justified in order to protect her child, while others believe she went too far. We must consider the importance of family and protecting our loved ones, even if it means making controversial decisions.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Schmidt admitted to butchering the family’s pet rooster, HeiHei, after it attacked her daughter. She wrote:

“Our mean ole backyard rooster, HeiHei, attacked the baby child! We were so lucky that he didn’t do any more damage than he did. Half an inch and she would have lost an eye! Nevertheless, he got what was coming to him! Mama doesn’t play when it comes to her babies. HeiHei nuggets for dinner!” She included photos of her cooking the rooster as well as the injuries sustained by her daughter.

The images of the young girl’s face reveal significant cuts and bruises around her eye, demonstrating the potential danger posed by the rooster. Many Facebook users expressed shock at Schmidt’s decision to kill and cook the family pet, but others have pointed out the apparent friendship between the girl and the rooster in previous photos.

Critics argue that children can provoke animals and that Schmidt’s actions were excessive.

One commenter wrote, “I know people eat chickens all the time, but killing it specifically because it attacked your child doesn’t sit right with me when children are known to antagonize animals.”

Another added, “I’ve seen how kids treat animals, and there’s no way the rooster’s attack wasn’t justified.”

However, supporters of Schmidt’s decision emphasized the importance of protecting one’s family. “Revenge is a dish best served with honey mustard,” tweeted a user after the story went viral on social media. We should always prioritize the safety of our children and understand that, in some cases, it may require making difficult choices.

The debate around Schmidt’s actions raises important questions about the lengths parents should go to in order to protect their children. While some may argue that she took things too far, others could say that she did what was necessary to ensure her daughter’s safety.

Source: AWM

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