• July 24, 2024

Wow! What Happened At Bob Dole’s Funeral PROVES Kamala And Biden Are Done! [VIDEO]

In all honesty, no one truly believed that Kamala Harris and Joe Biden were the best of buddies, right?

When Kamala was announced as Biden’s running mate everyone was a little taken aback by the choice. After all, Harris during a 2020 debate amongst Democrats, Harris stated that she believed all of Biden’s sexual accusers, and then several months after she made that Biden made her his running mate.

There is just no way in hell that Biden chose her and since then the troubles between the two have only grown worse.

Over the several weeks, there have been rumors floating in D.C. that the Biden team is looking for ways to remove Harris as the vice president. Harris’s dismal approval numbers are not making the democrats or Biden feel comfortable with her at all and the rift is only growing wider.

That was evident for all to see during former Senator Bob Dole’s funeral when he didn’t acknowledge Kamala Harris at all.

It didn’t stop there though, he momentarily stood next to Harris until he whispered into his Jill Biden’s ear and made her stand next to Kamala instead.

The bizarre incident was caught on video and you can watch it here:

Info Wars had more on the story:

Bizarre moment prompts speculation Biden has been instructed not to appear beside vice president, whose poll numbers are in the gutter.

Puzzling footage going viral on social media shows Joe Biden refusing to acknowledge Vice President Kamala Harris during a memorial for former Republican Sen. Bob Dole.

In a clip from Thursday’s congressional ceremony, Biden and his wife Jill stroll into the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol building and walk straight past Harris and her husband, who looks over at Biden following the snub.

After a few moments, Biden whispers something to Jill, before the two are caught awkwardly switching seats for seemingly no apparent reason.

The bizarre moment prompted speculation Biden has been instructed not to appear beside his vice president, who has been accused of driving down his poll numbers.

What do you think is going on?

Is Harris about to be out of a job?

Let us know your thoughts below!




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