• September 25, 2023

Yet ANOTHER Biden Official Is Running For The Hills…

Joe and Kamala’s free fall approval ratings, and Biden’s continuous failure in handling international conflicts, high inflation, record-breaking gas prices, and imminent threat of food shortages across America.

These so-called leaders are bringing doomsday to this modern era, and if I am a closely affiliated employee under this regime I will definitely leave the office without hesitation. I mean, I don’t want to join these inept leaders on their sinking ship.

Their sinking ship is beyond fixing, and their fate of going to jail after their term is inevitable. This administration will likely go down as one of the worst in American history.

As the catastrophe that is the Biden administration continues to deteriorate, we are seeing senior-level advisors leaving the White House…

And the latest to jump from the sinking ship is Cedric Richmond, a senior advisor to Joe Biden is leaving the White House to go work for the DNC.

WLT futher commented:

To be fair, advisors and aides do leave all the time to pursue other careers, but I am noticing a pattern here with Biden administration bureaucratic personnel.

A job at the DNC sounds nice, but does it really beat working for a President or Vice President? Sure, working in any Presidential administration is stressful, but it is also supposed to be rewarding in many ways.

Could it be that staffers under this current administration are jumping ship because they see the writing on the wall?

Here’s more on the story:

Here’s what Richmond said in a Tuesday statement via Fox News:

“I am thrilled that the President has entrusted me with helping boost the robust work already being done at the DNC to make sure that Democrats grow their majorities in the House and Senate, and increase the number of Democratic governors in state capitals around the country.” 

More details from Breitbart:

Richmond is one of the most senior advisers to exit the White House to date.

Senior advisor Anita Dunn left in July but has already made plans to return to assist with messaging, according to reports.

Sources: WLT, Fox News, Breitbart

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