• June 2, 2023

They Just Said There Are More Indictments Coming From Durham…

The former director of national intelligence, John Ratcliffe, predicted something more interesting coming about Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation.

Ratcliffe who served under President Donald Trump revealed that Democrats’ “Russia collusion” conspiracy theory which is currently investigated by special counsel John Durham will have more indictments coming.

Here’s what Ratcliffe said during an appearance on “The Charlie Kirk Show:”

“I expect there to be a lot more indictments to be forthcoming from John Durham besides the ones that have trickled out so far.” 

“And that’s based upon documents, some of which – many of which – are not yet declassified.”

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The revelations from the former national intelligence director confirmed that there are still many more classified papers that should be released in connection with Durham’s investigation.

It was back in October 2020 when Ratcliffe held that office, he revealed that he provided about 1,000 pages of materials to the Department of Justice to help Durham, who already has obtained one conviction – of a former FBI lawyer who altered evidence in the conspiracy.

Durham has two more cases pending. One is against former Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann for allegedly lying to the FBI, and the second against Russia analyst Igor Danchenko, who is accused of lying to the bureau. Both men have pleaded not guilty.

In the interview, Ratcliffe explained:

“The coordinated effort here that took place in 2016 was wide and broad. I think it involved folks in the Clinton campaign, in the Democratic national party, elected officials, media officials, folks that coordinated—intelligence community officials, and on down the line.”

He explained likely not every single person has criminal liability.

“I’m just saying this was a very coordinated effort, and the more and more the public finds out about the things that I’ve seen that remain classified, they’ll be more and more appalled by those efforts in 2016.”

More from WND report:

The evidence so far explains that Hillary Clinton, desperate to divert the public’s attention from her scandal of putting national secrets on her own, unsecure, email system, created the claim that Trump’s campaign was colluding with Russia to defeat her.

Reports have confirmed that Barack Obama, at the time, was briefed on the conspiracy.

However, it likely was the Democrats themselves who were working with Russia, as the materials they used in the conspiracy, such as the Steele dossier of unfounded allegations against Trump, likely was produced using Russian disinformation.

Ultimately, the campaign to damage Trump’s campaign failed, he won, and even a two-year-long investigation of the Democrats’ allegations by special counsel Robert Mueller failed to document the claims.

Among the pending decisions is Durham’s request that the court compel the Democratic National Committee, Clinton’s campaign and others to produce documents for the company trial for Sussman.

Clinton’s campaign now is claiming that its documents involving its consultants can remain secret because of attorney-client privilege.

It was Clinton’s campaign that gave money to a legal team at Perkins Coie, and the lawyers there then paid Fusion GPS which then created the false claims in the Steele Dossier and maneuvered it into the headlines, according to Just the News.

Sources: WND, Just the News

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