• June 19, 2024

A BLM Hotshot Has Just Been Charged With 18 Felony Counts!

Another big wig activist organizer of Black Lives Matter is now under fire after being charged with the fraud who previously claimed that was paid no salary and is now accused of paying herself $170,000 from her Violence in Boston charity.

Monica Cannon-Grant and her husband Clark Grant, are now facing an 18-page federal indictment for fraud and conspiracy on Tuesday.

Federal authorities allege that a large sum of donor dollars out of over $1 million in grants and donations are given to their nonprofit was defrauded by Cannon-Grant and Grant. The said amount was supposedly given to the Violence in Boston, which aims to help violence survivors in the city.

Federal prosecutors stated that $185,000 was skimmed from the nonprofit. Authorities charged her with an 18-count indictment and the Boston federal court unsealed it on Tuesday.

The two were arrested outside of her Beantown home Tuesday. They declined to provide any comments to the courthouse after being released on personal recognizance. This means that Cannon-Grant will be free in exchange for a written promise to appear in court.

The Deep State Rabbit Hole reported:

According to the charging documents, they even billed BLM for a trip to Maryland. The Antifa® affiliated group, founded in 2017, popped up to fight “supremacy” in Boston. At the time, anarchists were totally outraged by Charlottesville, Virginia’s “Unite the Right” rally.”

Long before the world heard of George Floyd, Cannon-Grant boasted of having the personal cellphone numbers of then-Mayor Marty Walsh. He happens to be Biden’s Minister of Labor. She also had current mayor, Michelle Wu and the local district attorney on speed dial.

She managed to pick up such a solid reputation with the far-left radicals that she was named “Best Social Justice Advocate” by Boston magazine.

Cannon-Grant and her husband have been charged with using a $6,000 grant for at-risk youth for a getaway to Maryland, restaurants and a shopping spree. At the time, the couple “had balances of just $1.35 and $21.01 in their personal checking accounts.”

They spent the BLM money on things like $1,200 at a Sonesta Suites hotel, as well as hundreds more for a rental car, fuel, parking and meals at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., Shake Shack and other restaurants in Connecticut, New Jersey and Maryland, according to the indictment.

After the George Floyd incident, their alleged fundraising fraud allegedly accelerated in 2020 when their nonprofit began raking in donations of up to $50,000 a month, with some of the proceeds withdrawn in cash from ATMs or transferred to investment accounts at the Robinhood and E-Trade websites.

Along with scamming BLM, they also allegedly defrauded “a total of more than $100,000 in federal pandemic-related unemployment benefits.“

Sources: Deep State Rabbit Hole, Fox News, Daily Mail

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