• July 17, 2024

COME ON! Now New York Is Trying To Outlaw Cutlery At Restaurants…

New York City has a number of issues afflicting it at the moment.

The city is besieged with all manner of crime, from shootouts to random assaults, on an alarmingly frequent basis.

It’s bad enough where citizens are fleeing the once-venerable city.

On Monday, New York City’s Democratic Mayor Eric Adams had some new legislation go into effect, which the city is calling “Skip the Stuff!”

The “stuff,” however, wasn’t anything referring to those aforementioned issues.

Instead, the “stuff” is in reference to plastic utensils and paper napkins that are typically doled out at restaurants or by food delivery services.

According to the city, the “Skip the Stuff!” legislation aims to place “restrictions on providing utensils, condiments, napkins and containers” for restaurants.

While many customers may find that a hindrance at first, it does need to be noted that all of that “stuff” will still, technically, be available.

The city’s sanitation site states that restaurants should “not provide utensils, condiment packets, napkins, or extra containers to take-out or delivery customers, unless requested by the customer.”

The new legislation also demands that any app-based food delivery options a New York City restaurant offers must include an option to request those extra utensils and containers.

However, “Skip the Stuff!” also mandates that those app-based food delivery options default to not including any of the additional items.

The site also adds: “Delivery and courier services may not provide these items unless such items are requested by the customer.”

If a restaurant is found in violation of these rules, there is an escalating punishment scale.

A first offense of violating the above mandates is a $50 fine, while a second offense is $150.

A third and all subsequent violations trigger a $250 fine.

While the law goes into effect July 31, there appears to be something of a grace period (or “warning period,” per the city) until July of next year.

The scaling fines will only go into effect on July 1, 2024, and restaurants will only receive warnings through June 30, 2024.

While not outright stated on the website, the legislation’s proponents have made it clear that the move was done with “green” interests at heart.

“The ‘Skip the Stuff’ legislation is a great example of smart, green policy that will allow us to reduce waste and help our city’s small businesses save on costs,” City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams said, per WNYW.

The city also noted that businesses and restaurants “should be prepared for visits from inspectors, at least annually as part of routine inspections” to help enforce the new mandates.


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