• June 21, 2024

Curb’s Larry David CRASHED Today Show Set, Punched Liberal Operative Elmo Right In The… [VIDEO]

Thursday morning’s “TODAY” show on NBC took an unexpected turn when comedian Larry David made an uninvited early entrance, leaving hosts and viewers alike in disbelief. Scheduled for an interview later in the broadcast, David crashed the set, creating chaos by physically assaulting none other than the beloved “Sesame Street” Muppet, Elmo.

Elmo had joined the show to continue a conversation about emotional well-being, prompted by a noteworthy X post that had garnered significant attention. However, Larry David seemed to have a different agenda altogether.

Managing Editor of Newsbusters, Curtis Houck, captured the wild scene in a video clip, describing it as, “OMG: Larry David — whose interview was a few segments away on NBC’s ‘Today’ show — comes out of nowhere & beats up Elmo after his sit-down to talk about the responses to his #emotionalwellbeing post. @CraigMelvin, @SavannahGuthrie, @HodaKotb, @AlRoker, & @Elmo were FLOORED.”

As the conversation between Elmo and the hosts concluded, with plans to transition to a weather update from Al Roker, the unexpected chaos ensued.

“Wait, wait, wait!” Guthrie exclaimed, and the camera panned back from Roker and his weather map to the couch, where the hosts erupted in laughter and shock. Larry David casually walked onto the set, surprising everyone, and proceeded to grab Elmo by the neck. With a surreal blend of comedy and confusion, David held the Muppet still with one hand and delivered a series of punches with the other, all while the laughter continued.

Silently, David turned on his heel and walked off the stage, leaving the hosts and Elmo in bewilderment.

“Elmo loved you before,” called out the Muppet after him.

“Ask permission, ask permission before you touch people, Larry,” host Craig Melvin admonished the departing comedian.

This unscripted and eccentric moment added an unexpected layer of humor to the morning show, leaving the hosts and audience wondering what prompted Larry David’s impromptu act. As the incident unfolded live on air, it became an unforgettable and comically surreal highlight, showcasing David’s unpredictable comedic style.

In the aftermath, the “TODAY” show hosts attempted to regain composure, acknowledging the absurdity of the situation. Larry David’s uninvited antics left an indelible mark on the broadcast, turning what was meant to be a routine interview into an offbeat and memorable television moment. The unexpected clash between comedy and reality provided viewers with a surprising and entertaining diversion from the usual morning show routine.

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