• June 13, 2024

Has Biden’s Biggest Support Group Just Abandoned Him?

A new poll shows how badly Joe Biden’s rating went down in a state that once gave him the highest votes during the 2020 election.

The state of Arizona might have helped Biden to win the 2020 election, but this time he’s no longer popular in the state today, polling data revealed.

The Center Square/Arizona said that Biden, “has a 40% approval rating, while 55% disapprove of him, according to an Arizona Public Opinion Pulse poll conducted by OH Predictive Insights (OHPI).”

The survey also stated that Biden has really lost ground with the key “Independents” constituency:

Biden’s approval rating among independents, however, was even worse; just 34% of them approved of the job he is doing, while 59% disapproved. Of those, independents strongly disapprove of the most popular category; 41% strongly disapprove of the job Biden is doing in office.

This low approval rating among independent voters comes in a year with a midterm election. U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly (D-Arizona) is up for re-election, and Democrats hold four of the state’s nine U.S. House seats.

The state may play a pivotal role in determining which party controls both chambers of congress. If that’s the case, then Mike Noble, OHPI Chief of Research, thinks that’s bad news for Democrats. 

In a press release, Mark Noble said that “Biden’s record-low approval ratings are encouraging to Arizona Republicans as they look to notch victories in several key races.”

He also added, “Majority disapproval of the President always trickles down ticket as the entire party suffers residual damages.”

The survey conducted in Arizona is just the latest in a months-long string that resulted in a bad record for Biden and the Democratic party.

The Washington Examiner reported a Marquette University Law School survey on Friday, that found Biden had lost a lot of ground with another historic Democratic constituency, black voters:

The new Marquette University Law School survey found a 32% cratering of black support for Biden, who now enjoys just a 56% approval rating among African Americans, among the worst ever for a modern Democratic president.

By comparison, the same survey less than a year ago found his support among black people at 88%.

The drop was so noticeable that the school mentioned it in their headline on the survey, which put Biden’s overall approval rate from American adults at 46%, among his best of recent surveys.

In a Twitter post, the Marquette University Law School noted, “Since July 2021, Biden job approval among whites has gone from 50% to 40%. Among Blacks, it has gone from 88% to 56%. Among Hispanics, it’s gone from 56% to 51%. @pollsandvotes points to the decline among Blacks as particularly striking. #mulawpoll.”

In March, Ann Selzer a pollster who is trusted by Democrats also delivered bad news for the president. Selzer conducted a poll and has found that Biden’s approval rating has crashed to just 34 percent nationwide, while a substantial majority of Americans also believe the U.S. economy is cratering.

The analysis of the poll, “The latest edition of the Grinnell College National Poll (Grinnell-Selzer) shows that nearly 6 in 10 Americans believe the economy will get worse in the next 12 months — the highest number recorded in the history of the poll. And the pessimism about the future of the economy may be weighing down President Joe Biden’s approval ratings across the board.”

 Sources: Conservative Brief, Washington Examiner, The Center Square

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