• May 23, 2024

New Poll Reveals The STAGGERING Number Of People Who Think Sleepy Joe Got Special Treatment In Investigation..

Oh, what a shocker! In a groundbreaking poll, over half of the voters surveyed seem to have stumbled upon the revelation that President Joe Biden received some special treatment during the oh-so-impartial investigation led by the illustrious Robert Hur. The Reuters/Ipsos survey, conducted over a grueling four days, uncovered the startling fact that 53% of Americans believe Biden got the VIP treatment just because, well, he’s the U.S. president. But who would have thought, right?

Even more entertaining is the fact that 29% of Democrats, yes, you heard it right, Democrats, couldn’t help but agree that their beloved president enjoyed a little extra something-something in the investigation. Oh, the unity!

Now, let’s talk about Hur’s riveting report, where he kindly concluded that Biden did indeed play around with classified materials but, hey, no criminal charges needed because, you know, Biden is just a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” Who needs accountability when you have a president who’s just too charming to be convicted?

As if that wasn’t enough, the poll also uncovered the unsettling fact that 46% of those surveyed were at least somewhat familiar with Hur’s not-so-flattering description of Biden. Trouble in paradise, anyone?

But wait, it gets better. Reuters reported that a whopping 78% of the respondents, including 71% of Democrats, believe Biden is too old to remain in government. Ouch! The sweet irony here is that only 53% think the sprightly 77-year-old Donald Trump is too old for office. The age-old double standard strikes again.

And speaking of Trump, our former president, who’s dealing with his own classified documents case, had some choice words about the selective persecution narrative. According to Trump, if Biden gets a pass, so should he. But hey, we live in a world where selective persecution is all the rage.

Biden, on the other hand, addressed the whole classified documents scandal in a press conference, confidently asserting that the investigation’s conclusion means it’s all water under the bridge. Oh, and let’s not forget the classic Biden move – snapping at reporters who dared question his memory. After all, who needs a sharp memory when you’re the “most qualified person in the United States to be president”? The audacity is truly something to behold.

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