• October 4, 2023

Report Reveals Obama Has Been Trying To Secretly Warn Biden That…

Democrats wake up every morning in absolute fear of what may happen in 2024. The political opponent who could shatter their elitist world is still standing and people across America are standing with him. Support for Trump hasn’t wavered no matter how many sensational charges are filed against him.

One prominent Democrat warned the current chief of the party what was coming. A “catch up” meeting between former president Barack Hussein Obama and President Joe Biden exposed the fear liberals have for the political power former president Donald Trump holds as he works to win back the White House.

From the Daily Caller:

While visiting the White House this summer for what aides described as a regular “catch-up” between the two men, Obama reportedly warned Biden of Trump’s “iron-grip” on the Republican Party.

In addition to Trump’s formidable lead over other GOP candidates, Obama reportedly pointed to Trump’s “intensely loyal” following among voters and a Trump-friendly conservative media as forces that could work against Biden in 2024, the outlet stated.

Fear breeds fear, and these two are afraid of Trump to the point they are using all powers of the federal government to stop him. Obama also said in the report that Trump is a “far more formidable opponent than most Democrats realize.”

Democrats are excited that Trump is facing massive criminal charges and years in jail to the point some are hoping he dies like one of our enemies in a war. Trump’s popularity is so strong that Democrats are wondering out loud if he could win the presidential race even if he was sitting in a jail cell.

That power from popularity has Obama offering to help Biden raise money to win the political war against trump. He has proven a successful fundraiser who can woo Democrat voters like the Pied Piper could charm rats.

Don’t count the Democrats out in any big-time race. They have built a powerful political machine that finds new ways to reach voters everywhere and mobilize voters to get to the ballot box. Leftists know which battles to fight and when to act to have the strongest results on election day.

Democrats shouldn’t count Trump out as he navigates the uncharted legal charges against him. He has proven that he, too, can find new ways to rally his supporters to donate money and vote for him. His popularity among his base of conservative voters far outweighs waning support for Biden among Democrats.

From the Daily Caller:

“It’s not close,” former Trump Justice Department spokesperson Sarah Isgur stated. “Ask them about the economy, ask them about foreign policy, Donald Trump beats Joe Biden on all of these measures.”

Trump supporters believe he has been unlawfully attacked on Biden’s orders by the justice system and they will rally for him along the way. We can only hope that Democrats don’t listen to Obama and then take Trump for granted.


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