• April 13, 2024

Top Republican Has Even More Evidence Biden Is Keeping Hunter From Being Convicted

Is Joe Biden abusing the system to protect his son Hunter from legal repercussions? According to a letter from the top Republican on the House of Representatives Oversight and Reform Committee, this is the case. Republican Representative James Comer of Kentucky charged the Biden administration with possibly hiding information revealing Hunter Biden’s dubious financial activities in a letter dated July 6 to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen.

Biden has a secret weapon to thwart any probe into his son’s dealings: the administrative processes for Suspicious Activity Reports, or SARs. In essence, unless the Biden-appointed Yellen says otherwise, any such information involving Hunter’s allegedly illegal deals will be withheld, according to a letter the Treasury Department issued back to Comer.

The Treasury Department asserts that Comer lacks the legal authority to request such information. It seems improbable that the Democratic-controlled oversight committee would even agree to divulge such information, even if the full committee made the request.

And even if such a request is made — or if one is made in the future if Republicans take back control of Congress in the midterm elections in November — Yellen might not be required to comply.

The Bank Secrecy Act authorizes the Treasury Department to monitor illegal financial transactions, including those in which Hunter Biden has been accused. At least, that is how Yellen’s Treasury Department interprets its responsibilities under the Act.

A formal request indicating the specific information needed, the criminal, tax, or regulatory reason for which the information is sought, and the official requirement for the information must be made to the Secretary, according to the present regulation, the Treasury wrote, according to Reuters.

“The Secretary’s judgment will be used in making these choices.” In other words, it doesn’t appear like a thorough investigation of Hunter Biden’s allegedly nefarious financial dealings will take place soon. All of this adds up to the Biden administration having a secret weapon: the ability to choose whether to withhold records that could demonstrate criminal behavior or even suspected criminal behavior.

Neither Democratic Party members nor the Biden administration can be relied upon to be unbiased. It would be disastrous for the American left if the already-fragile Biden administration were struck with a significant financial scandal.

Additional videos from Hunter’s laptop from more recent months show the president’s son engaging in different illegal adventures. His drug use and partying with what appear to be prostitutes are captured on camera.

The now-president may have unintentionally paid up to $25,000 to a Russian prostitute recruited by Hunter, according to an excerpt from Miranda Devine’s book “Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide,” which was published by the Post in June 2021.

Despite all these controversies, it seems the Biden administration has complete power over whether a thorough investigation into Hunter Biden’s numerous questionable behaviors is carried out.

Comer released a statement on Saturday in reaction to the Treasury Department’s response to his earlier letter, in which he criticized this blatant injustice. Comer claims the Biden family has “racked up at least 150” suspicious activity reports due to dubious business dealings with foreign organizations.

“More information is required regarding these transactions and whether Joe Biden has benefited financially from his family’s interactions with adversaries abroad. Knowing whether President Biden is compromised is a matter of national security, Comer wrote. Republicans will utilize their majority in the upcoming Congress to force answers on the American people.

Biden and his allies seem to have every chance to keep all the crimes Hunter Biden may have committed throughout the years hidden until Republicans regain some ground on Capitol Hill. But if the GOP controls either House of Congress in the midterm elections in November, things will be different in the ensuing Congress. Even if the Biden administration refuses to budge, a Republican majority will be able to respond by holding hearings and subpoenaing witnesses. Then things will start to get interesting.

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